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Leesburg Backflow Testing

When you need Leesburg backflow testing, call Kiddco Plumbing.  We're the Northern Virginia experts in backflow prevention device testing and inspection.  We use the latest techniques and cutting edge backflow testing equipment to accurately test and inspect backflow protection devices.

A backflow preventer protects the public drinking water supplies against accidental contamination from the unintentional flow of water back into the municipal water supply lines from homes, offices, commercial buildings and other water consumers. 

Sterling VA Backflow Problem

Call the backflow prevention experts at Kiddco Plumbers when you need help with a Sterling backflow problem or anywhere in Northern Virginia.  Ordinarily, water pressure keeps clean water flowing from the municipal water supply to consumers.  However, under some circumstances of lowered water pressure such as a broken water main or high water volume usage, the water pressure in the customer’s residential or commercial plumbing can be higher than the water pressure in the municipal water lines.  Under these circumstances, water can flow backwards into the water supply lines where it will mix with clean water and be delivered to another consumer downstream.

A backflow problem can result in contamination of the clean water supply.  For example, if you have an irrigation system, chemicals used to treat your lawn can infiltrate your irrigation lines and in a backflow situation, these chemicals will be siphoned into the water supply and contaminate it.

McLean Backflow Plumbing Services

Kiddco Plumbing provides expert backflow solutions to businesses and residents in Northern Virginia including McLean backflow plumbing services.  Various federal, state and municipal ordinances regulate whether you need a backflow preventer and whether or not it needs to be inspected annually.  At Kiddco Plumbing, our plumbers are certified to perform backflow testing as required by law. 

You can depend on Kiddco for complete professional backflow testing and certification.  We make it easy for you to comply with all required testing.  We take care of compliance reporting and we can work around your schedule to complete testing during non-critical hours to minimize interruptions in service.

Our backflow preventer experts can handle all your backflow plumbing services needs from testing to installation, service and repair.  We do testing and repair of backflow preventers on an as needed basis or we can arrange scheduled service and inspection so you have  one less thing to remember. Contact our Leesburg Backflow Testing Specialists today to schedule an appointment to have your backflow tested to ensure it is in good working order.