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Sterling Faucet Repair Plumbers

If you need a Sterling faucet repair plumber or plumbing repairs anywhere in Northern Virginia, Kiddco Plumbing can help.  A leaky or broken faucet is more than just annoying.  Leaky faucets waste water and while it may not seem like much, all that water can add up.  Just one steadily dripping faucet can waste about 2,000 gallons per year.  Multiply that by the number of leaky faucets in your home and you’ve got a lot of water and money going down the drain.

In addition, if your faucet leaks around the base of the handle, all that water can cause a lot of damage to your cabinets.  Get those leaky faucets fixed today by calling Northern Virginia’s faucet repair experts at Kiddco Plumbing. 

McLean VA Faucet Repair Plumbing

Kiddco Plumbing offers dependable faucet repairs to all of Northern Virgina including Sterling, Ashburn, and Mclean VA faucet repair plumbing.  Kiddco’s plumbers have years of plumbing services experience repairing all types of faucets including compression faucets, disc faucets, ball faucets and cartridge faucets.  They can repair sink faucets, shower faucets and bath faucets by all faucet manufacturers.  You can count on Kiddco’s professional plumbers for expert, unbiased advice on whether it is more cost effective to repair or replace your faucets.

We don’t work for any of the faucet manufacturers and our plumbers are not paid on commission so there is no incentive to sell you a new faucet if you don’t need one.  On the other hand, in many cases the cost of repairing your old faucet might be more than the cost of a new faucet.  Our plumbers will give you honest advice about your faucet repairs.

Experienced Plumbers Ashburn

Offering dependable experienced plumbers in Asburn, Mclean, Sterling and the entire Northern Virginia area, Kiddco Plumbing can help save money on your water bill.  If you need new faucets during a kitchen repair or bathroom repair, ask your Kiddco plumber about conserving water and saving money on your water bill with a  new WaterSense faucet.  A WaterSense faucet uses about 30 percent less water than a conventional faucet with no loss in performance.  You’ll save money in the long run by installing a new WaterSense faucet.

For faucet repairs, replacement, and new faucet installations, call the plumbers you can trust for honest, unbiased faucet advice as well as top quality faucet repairs and installation.  Contact our Sterling Faucet Repair Plumbers at Kiddco for all your faucet needs.