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Leesburg VA Garbage Disposal Repair

Leesburg garbage disposal repair and installation is one of the many plumbing services offered by Kiddco Plumbing to all of Northern Virginia.  A garbage disposal is a useful convenience in the kitchen and almost a necessity in most restaurants and food service facilities.  Kiddco Plumbing installs and repairs garbage disposals from light duty residential garbage disposals to heavy duty commercial models.

Garbage disposals work in a harsh environment and are often subject to abuse from overloading or accidently dropping silverware and other hard items down the drain.  Garbage disposal repairs are usually necessary due to jamming, leaking, a burned out motor or a worn out impeller. 

Sterling Garbage Disposal Installation

If you need Sterling garbage disposal installation or repair, you can count on Kiddco Plumbing for fast, friendly service.  In some cases, you can free a jammed garbage disposal with a broom handle, but you can do more harm than good and the better alternative is to leave it to a professional plumber.  If the garbage disposal simply stopped working, you may be able to fix it by pushing the reset button.  If that does not work or if you need to frequently reset the unit, it is time to call the garbage disposal experts at Kiddco Plumbing.

Under no circumstances should you ever put your hand down a garbage disposal for any reason.  If a valuable item like a ring or watch fell down the disposal, let an experienced Kiddco plumber safely retrieve it.

McLean Kitchen Disposal Repairs

Serving all of Northern Virginia including McLean kitchen disposal repairs, Kiddco plumbers are experts in the repair of all types and models of garbage disposals.  Many times a garbage disposal can be repaired and put back in use to provide many more years of good service.  Your Kiddco plumber will troubleshoot your garbage disposal and help you decide whether repair or replacement is the best option for your kitchen disposal. 

If your garbage disposal needs to be replaced because it is beyond repair or if you are upgrading to a more powerful unit, contact our Leesburg Garbage Disposal Repair Experts at Kiddco Plumbing for fast, professional installation of your new garbage disposal.  We will handle the plumbing and electrical hookups and dispose of your old unit.  With over 20 years of serving the plumbing needs of Northern Virginia, you can count on Kiddco Plumbing for all your garbage disposal needs.